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Indulgence is not always a bad thing

Lifestyle & Fitness

Buying expensive perfume, putting butter on your food, or even hiring a personal trainer Coogee has—those wouldn’t be too much, right?

In some collectivist societies, vanity and self-indulgence are attributed to being self-centred.

For example, societies such as the Philippines don’t indulge that much, since people value the group before the self. Therefore, families, neighbours, and townspeople often interact with each other. Most acts of vanity or self-indulgence are frowned upon.

Alternatively, in Australia, which is an individualist society, societies value the self before the group. This doesn’t mean they are selfish—they just value themselves and their immediate families the most, before other people.

Unsurprisingly, Hofstede Insights scores the Philippines 42 and Australia 71 in indulgence in the 6D model of culture. This rating system is created by Geert Hofstede. It rates nations using six dimensions of culture (Power Distance, Individualism, Indulgence, Masculinity, Uncertainty Avoidance, and Long-Term Orientation), which they have to organise or optimise to become better countries.

Why you should indulge yourself every now and then

Now, is it bad to indulge yourself?

When doing self-care activities or anything you enjoy, you shouldn’t immediately think of superficial pleasure.

And, who says you can’t get something meaningful out of indulgent doings?

You can drink expensive coffee by yourself, people-watch, read a book, and savour the moment.

You can listen to a mainstream pop song and feel positive afterwards.

You can hire a pricey, but expert, personal trainer Coogee has today and not worry about people calling you vain.

You can buy something for yourself—just because you want it. You can relish the feeling of purchasing.

Revel in big or small moments can improve your health. It will make those long nights and compromising situations all worth the pain.

5 self-care treats you can give yourself

1. Engage in fun exercising

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