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Basic Steps in Dealing with Workplace Injuries

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No matter how careful we are in the workplace, accidents or injuries may still happen. A workplace injury can make a business suffer. Not to mention the emotional stress and significant fines that the employer may have to face. A proper workplace injury management plan should be a part of a company’s initiative in looking after the welfare of employees.

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Work-Related Injuries

A personal injury that occurred while at work or during employment falls in the category of work-related injuries. This may happen while travelling to and from work, while on break from work or at the particular time of work. The injury may be physical or psychological. Illnesses can also count as work-related. Samples include respiratory diseases linked to occupational exposure, such as chronic bronchitis or occupational asthma.

As required by law, the workplace injury management plan of businesses should include notifying WorkCover any kind of work-related injury. This government-run statutory body provides compensation insurance for workers in Queensland. Employers have up to eight days to file a report regarding the injury.

Strategies in Handling Workplace Injury

Business owners carry a lot of responsibilities, and one of them is safeguarding the health and safety of the employees. This starts in implementing a workplace injury management Hemmant program. The goal of injury management is to minimise the gravity of the injury and promote ongoing employment opportunities for the affected worker. For the employer, planning for a workplace accident helps businesses control workers’ compensation and injury costs.

When an employee becomes ill or an accident happens at the workplace, the organisation should be ready to provide first aid or seek medical attention. Failure to provide your staff with immediate medical treatment can bring a negative impact on your workers and this can be used to press charges against the company. Do not forget to take note and report the said injury.

Part of a workplace injury management Murarrie scheme is supporting your staff, from the time the injury happened to the recovery process. This leaves a positive impact on the worker. You may refer the employee to your company’s partner doctor or medical practice but this still depends on the employee’s choice. Create a support team that will promote the safe and timely recovery and return of your injured staff. To ensure that your business demonstrates a positive environment, encourage your other employees to stay in touch with their injured co-worker or resolve any outstanding issues.

A workplace injury management action should also involve ways on how to prevent accidents, injuries or illnesses from happening in an organisation. In case of workplace injury, use that as a lesson and come up with ideas for reducing risks. You may even collaborate with the injured worker to help you identify better and safer options in making your business more suitable for work.

Take Care of Your Employees Today

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