About Us

New Horizons Doncaster is part of a family of organisations that have a strong history in providing a variety of support to communities and the third sector.

New Horizons Doncaster has been contracted by Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council to support all organisations within Doncaster’s Third Sector to continue to be vibrant and sustainable and able to meet the needs of local communities.

What we want to achieve

We want there to be a better understanding of the strengths and needs of the Third Sector in Doncaster, so that the Third Sector is diverse, sustainable, high quality and well governed, and is able to creatively and collaboratively deliver services to local communities.

To increase volunteering across Doncaster through the development of a volunteer workforce that focuses on the needs of individuals, the Third Sector and local communities.

To build strong partnerships and working relationships across the Public, Private and Third Sectors underpinned by effective engagement, consultation and communication.

To build strong relationships and support within and across Third Sector organisations through  a culture of sharing good practice and working collaboratively.

How we will do this

We will work in Doncaster’s communities, talking to organisations to find out about the invaluable services the third sector provides and what kind of support is needed. In doing this we will develop a comprehensive picture of the sector so that we can help you get the most appropriate support.

We will talk with local communities to see if they are missing out on any support, and we work with local third sector organisations on ways to fill these gaps.

We will look at how well the Third Sector is represented on local strategic boards and will encourage community leaders to fill any gaps in representation.

We will develop a Third Sector Forum that provides communities and third sector organisations with meaningful opportunities for direct communication with the public and private sector and to share views on local needs and priorities.

We will build relationships with the business community, encouraging them to use their skills to help support third sector organisations via methods such as pro bono support and volunteering.

We will support third sector organisations to form partners with one another and also with local businesses with the purpose of collectively bidding for and delivering local services.

We will encourage third sector organisations to take advantage of new opportunities such as Connect To Support and Community Rights to Challenge.

We will develop volunteering across Doncaster by finding out the needs of both organisations and volunteers themselves. We will also look to increase the number of volunteers and volunteering activities through a number of means including Time Banks, employee supported volunteering, and public sector volunteering schemes.

Our Direct Support will include:

  • ~Providing timely information relating to local needs, priorities, policies and strategies.
  • ~Providing third sector organisations with a healthcheck to assess your strengths and needs along with an associated action plan for moving forward.
  • ~Delivering training that is tailored to your needs and supports your development.
  • ~Brokering partnerships and consortia with other organisations to help you save costs, share support or to collectively deliver new services.
  • ~Supporting you to promote your services and activities through available communication channels.
  • ~Assisting you through quality assurance accreditation.
  • ~Signposting you on to other areas of available support.