This page provides information about the projects and services that Meeting New Horizons have delivered in Doncaster.


Infrastructure Support to the Third Sector 

Between 2012 and 2016, MNH were contracted by Doncaster Metropolitan Council to support the sustainability of the local third sector. This included:

  • Increasing volunteering across Doncaster.
  • Building strong partnerships and working relationships across the Public, Private and Third Sectors.
  • Building strong relationships and support within and across Third Sector organisations through a culture of sharing good practice and working collaboratively.

Our direct support to the sector included:

  • Providing timely information to the sector regarding to local needs, priorities, policies and strategies.
  • Providing third sector organisations with a healthcheck to assess strengths and needs, along with an associated action plan for moving forward.
  • Delivering training tailored to identified needs.
  • Brokering partnerships and consortia with other organisations to help third sector organisations save costs, share support, and to collectively deliver new services.
  • Supporting organisations to promote their services and activities through available communication channels.
  • Assisting you through quality assurance accreditation.
  • Signposting you on to other areas of available support.

Please note, Meeting New Horizons are no longer funded to deliver this service and therefore unable to continue to support voluntary and community groups. Please contact Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council if you wish to find out what alternative support is available.

MacMillan Survivor Friendly Scheme

In partnership with its MacMillan Benefits Advice Service, between 2014 And 2016, New Horizons Doncaster developed and delivered a quality mark awarded to third sector organisations across Doncaster.

The MacMillan Survivor Friendly Scheme involved providing local organisations with a health check to assess their ability to deliver high quality services and support to people with cancer. The service examined organisational factors such as policies, procedures and compliance with appropriate legislation, along with the provision of support and advice to achieve required levels. On successfully completion of the healthcheck, organisations were then awarded a Quality Mark which identified them as a recognised provider of support for people with cancer.

In exchange for providing support and services, groups were given access to additional training, MacMillan branded information resources and wider networking opportunities.

The Survivor Friendly Scheme also identified and provided volunteering opportunities throughout the network, allowing volunteers to move around organisation that held the quality mark and enabling volunteers to develop wider skills and experience.

Meeting New Horizons are not currently registering additional organisations to the scheme. If you are an existing member of the scheme and would like to know of any continued support, please contact our MacMillan Benefits Advice Service.

Getting Ready to Make It Real

This was a capacity building small grants programme funded by Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council and NHS Doncaster Clinical Commissioning Group. New Horizons Doncaster administered this grant fund, which was aimed at recognising the vital contribution grassroots groups make to improving communities, and empowering them to respond to local issues.

The outcomes of this grants programme included:

  • Improved access to funding for grassroots organisations.
  • Invested additional funding in to the local community.
  • Strengthened the capacity and skills of local VCS organisations and contributed towards increases sustainability.